Catch Up

Ive been crazy busy lately so I havent had time to actually post my pictures. So Im going to use this post to catch back up.

DAY 10:
Just a quick shot of Kelsey after dinner (hence the dirty face) playing with her Barbies

DAY 11:
We spent the weekend working on the house. Trying to find a way to keep us warm without shooting up our electric bill any more so we dont have to take out a loan just to pay it! Anyway on this day we got a whole new floor laid complete with 3 extra layers.

DAY 12:
I almost forgot to take a picture on this day. So I snapped this one real quick, this is what my living room looks like almost every single day. Covered in crayons, books and barbie dolls lol

DAY 13:
I got this picture first thing this morning. Thought some mind find this one unique. Its hard to find drinks in glass bottles anymore unless its a yoohoo. This is my absolute favorite drink in the world. Its a mix of ginger ale and a bunch of other stuff. Its made in Kentucky and isnt even available state wide. It has been bought out by Coca Cola so maybe someday it will expand to state and maybe even nationwide!
5 Responses
  1. Chreamps Says:

    Such a cute photo of Kelsey, she has such pretty eyes and looks like she's really enjoying those Barbies!

    It's got to give you such a feeling of accomplishment getting things done around the house!

    Can relate to all the toys, only my son had trucks and cars.

    I'll have to look for that drink if it goes nationwide. I don't remember seeing it when we lived in Southwestern Kentucky.

    Have a great day and keep warm!

  2. Gail Says:

    Great everyday photos! It's funny how some of those last minute, quick photos turn out to be some of our best, isn't it?

  3. Your little girl is such a doll!! Love the one of the dolls and everything all over, reminds me of my own house LOL

  4. Kirsten Says:

    Lovely photo. You have been nominated for award, you can find more details on my website.

  5. Kay R. Says:

    Your living room floor brought a smile--I can relate, being the granny of a girl, almost eight, and a boy, almost three. When they're here at my house, which is every day, that's what MY living room looks like :-)