Day 6

Today was pure chaos. Spent almost all of it doing errands and taking care of things that I had been putting off. Got the pantry and fridge restocked. The kids are actually pretty pleased, absolutely no junk foods were brought in! Im shocked they didnt throw a fit. I think a lot of it had to do with the stockpile of bananas and strawberries and such I have to make them smoothies! lol
Not too shabby for a day that started off all wrong. 7:23 am I am finally woke up by the alarm clock, a full hour late. I quickly scramble to get Courtney up and dressed, irritated with myself for not being able to sleep last night and thinking I now have to pack up her and Kelsey and make the 3 mile hike to school. That is sooooo fun NOT!
7:26 I have Courtney dressed and completely ready for school and shes now waiting on the bus which shows up at 7:29. Boy was that a close call!
She comes home this afternoon, bouncing off the bus. So I grabbed the camera and snapped a shot. Started looking through the papers and such she brought home, and I have a note from her teacher. A few months back I had a meeting with her teacher, Courtney is in the top part of her class and doing extremely well. So well in fact the teacher (who I went to school with myself) thought she was starting to get bored. She discussed with me my opinion of her tightening up Courtneys homework to make it a bit more challenging for her. The note from her today stated that she is now starting Courtney on those harder assignments and wants my feedback at the end of the week on how I think she took to it. So far so good, she went through it like it was nothing. So proud of her!

So thats todays picture, Courtneys bouncing up the walk after getting off the bus! Thanks for stopping by, until tomorrow....

4 Responses
  1. Tanya J. Says:

    my house is the same way. as long as I bring in bananas and apples they are OK with no junk food. they love them in this
    So sorry you had such a hectic day:( I hope tomorrow is better :)
    Happy 365er day!!!

  2. Erika Says:

    Nice picture, with the bus in the background.
    Hope you'll have a less stressful day today!

  3. JanMary Says:

    Beautiful shot of her coming of the bus.

    Here in Northern Ireland there are very few school buses. Most travel by car or walk.

  4. Chreamps Says:

    What a wonderful picture! Definitely a keepsake and so wonderful that she is doing well in school. I know you must be so proud!